Tessalonia, an artist from Uptown Manhattan, has recently dropped a hidden gem entitled ‘Ocean Floor Kisses’. The song, which is a collective of sultry sounds and poetic vibes is not only underground but very much R&B. The song may catch many by surprise. How did this upcoming artist successfully master her voice with sensual words accompanied by chill beats? During our interview I asked her a series of questions about her artistry. When asked about her writing process and the making of a hit record, she stated “I write all my own material, that’s how I even started making music. It started off as poetry writing as a kid and slowly evolved into songwriting. But the most random things can spark my creativity or inspire me to write a song. I could be in the shower and a melody will just come to me and I’ll like run out and write down whatever I came up with so I don’t forget it. The process of writing is probably different for every song I’ve ever written. It’s just a matter of where I am, what I have access to, my mood, all that good stuff. The one thing I’ve learned to carry with me on a daily basis that fuels my overall creative mind is just to have complete confidence in whatever it is I do. I try to not ever doubt myself. If you don’t doubt yourself, how can anyone else? You know?”





That’s a great mindset to have. Confidence is always great, especially when making a cool record with great vocals and an Erykah Badu sample. Some may wonder how the song ‘Ocean Floor Kisses’ came to fruition, how did she add a twist to a Galimatias hit? She stated “Ocean Floor Kisses is a song I wrote like almost 2 years ago. I just happened to stumble upon the track on Youtube. I don’t know much about the artist who made it, his name is Galimatias. He seems to be very lowkey on the internet, but he has a pretty big following. I felt it sooo hard there was no way I could not write something to it. As far as the feature, JD is one of my really good friends from high school who is super talented. I sent him the song to let him hear what I wrote and he liked it so much that he wrote a verse and then I heard what he wrote I was like oh yeah we’re keeping this. His touch just worked perfectly”.


And, it did! ‘Ocean Floor Kisses’ is most definitely a hit. You can check out the song below:




Be on the lookout for her upcoming project entitled ‘Misses Butterworth’