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PREMIERE: Stream Florida Songstress Ari Chi’s “Color Fool”

Florida is showing diverse culture in their new RnBass music. "In order to be a ColorFool you have allow yourself to show interest and acknowledge your infatuation. You can't be afraid to fall in love. You must address the waves of self doubt that you're going to face after you decide you're going to swim.…

BAM – “Still In Your Feelings”

RnBass newcomer BAM is no stranger to the studio. In the midst of his grind, he's trying to prove the point to his lady that although her calls might go unanswered it's all for good reason. Now, ladies, this might sound a bit suspicious, but in this case, you have to trust your man. Right?…

PREMIERE: E-40 Joins Ty Dolla $ign Collaborators & Sibling Duo Blaq Tuxedo on New Album “Art By Accident”

After crafting hits for Ty Dolla $ign ("L.A." f/Kendrick Lamar, Brandy, and James Fauntleroy), Chris Brown ("Anyway"), and The Rejectz ("Cat Daddy"), Sacramento duo Blaq Tuxedo is ready to emerge as artists with their new project Art By Accident. The duo mixes Pop-R&B sensibility with a brash hip-hop flavor, in a style that’s extremely relevant…