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A Seat At The Table

Solange Covers Interview Magazine + Interviewed by Beyonce

With the success of her album A Seat at the Table, Solange is being recognized as an creative in her own right - not just one in the shadow of her big sister Beyonce. To bring things full circle, she opted in for an interview with Interview Magazine and chose big sister Bey to spew the…

Kelly Rowland Teases New Song, “Conceited”

It's been an odd number of years since we last heard from Kelly Rowland. But, if her guest spot on Solange's critically-acclaimed  A Seat At The Table is any indication of what the future holds then it won't be long before Kelly's soulful vocals are back on wax. In between being a full-time mom, the former Destiny's…

Kaytranada Adds His Ambient Touch To Solange’s “Cranes In The Sky”

  Super producer Kaytranada has (finally) blessed the Internet with an edit of  Solange's A Seat At The Table highlight, "Cranes In The Sky." After teasing the groovy remix during a show in NYC, last week, the Montreal DJ has released the full version. But, it didn't come without the persistence of his fans. Initially,…