So here we are twiddling our thumbs awaiting the highly anticipated debut album CTRL from TDE’s flower child SZA. The “Drew Barrymore” singer announced a February release date after her appearance on SNL and confirmed it in a brief interview with Billboard. Now with the 3rd of the month behind us, it hurts to think that this album will get shelved once again.

Hopefully TDE is feeling some pressure, but the taunting of this album continues. Still chilling in the waiting area, we get a peek at what the singer has been up to while crafting the heavily awaited project. Revealing the interactive CTRL site and “WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN: road to Ctrl” trailer, we see the singer perform at Coachella, self-reflect, have some fun, and get to work in the studio.

Play around with the site here and check out the trailer below.