In his latest record “Amnesia”, Kavin Donnell‘s tell all style over a hyperactive funk beat suggests a new wave of music is in sight. The Cali native effortlessly reminisces about unrequited love over an RnBass track produced by Las Vegas very own Blair Norf. However, this is not a love song. Donnell jumps right into the story by name-dropping past sweethearts and publicly sharing why their relationships didn’t stand the test of time. Shortly after, the listener realizes the 21 year-old is no longer worried about previous soulmates but rather unbothered because his true passion of music is flourishing and is his sole priority. With a sample-filled hook that contains an original Boost Mobile Chirp sound to demonstrate girls hitting his line, the singer-songwriter overconfidently emulates a phone call conversation when saying “Who Dis, Who Dis” to suggest his “Amnesia.”