The Canadian duo DVBBS, known for their international hit single “Tsunami”, has launched their very own label, KANARY. The young and talented DYSN joins the label as the first signed artist. Check out the exclusive RnBass interview with DYSN hosted by Dayana Jiselle.

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Birthplace, age and your first experience with music?

“I was born in Big Springs, Texas in 1995 and I’m 20 years old. My whole family is very musical and it’s always been something I was interested in. I started writing a few songs when I was five and would make lip synch videos! On my eighth birthday my dad bought me a drum set and after that it was over. I haven’t stopped playing and writing since.”

How did you and DVBBS meet?  

“I came out to Los Angeles to visit my sisters right before my eighteenth birthday and they ended up dragging me to party in Hollywood. That’s where I met Alex and he took me to a strip club that night and bought be a lap dance! It was insanely funny because I begged him not to.”

Lesson here, always accept invites to strip clubs!

How does it feel being the first face of KANARY? 

“KANARY is something Alex has been talking about for a long time so to be a part of someone else’s vision and dreams is amazing. I love seeing things from the start and being able to watch them grow. It’s definitely a blessing and I’m really happy to be a part of it and see where it goes.”

Describe your music style. 

“My music style comes from many difference sources. I come from a late 90s punk rock background and am a huge fan of European indie/acoustic music. Some of my style is more mainstream on Wonderland as well with a more hip-hop/RnBass sound. I don’t really have a way to describe my sound other than saying it’s “diverse.” I love mixing styles together on tracks and making new things people may have never heard done.”

What are your personal goals with your music? 

“My goals for my music is just for it to be heard by as many people as possible. I get really attached to artists and their thoughts and beliefs and would love to be THAT person for someone else. There are artists who have really gotten me through a lot. I may have a message someone really needs to hear.”

How would you describe the “feel” of  “We’re Alone”? 

“The feel of “We’re Alone” is a smoother, younger sound. I wrote most of this track when I was 18 and have been holding on to it since. I felt this song would be a good first release because of the “fun” feel it has with all the switch ups and it’s topic.”

How many tracks in your Wonderland EP and when is it releasing?!

“There will be seven to nine tracks on this project. I’m hoping for a late January, early February release.”

Check out DYSN’s RnBass single “We’re Alone” featuring Blackbear and vibe out.