Basking on the beach with a joint in his hand, Eric Bellinger strips down “Let Me Love You,” the Top 10 hit from DJ Snake and Justin Bieber, transforming the uptempo tropical house track into a tender, RnBass ballad.

“Let Me Love You” is the third in a series of E-Mixes, following his acoustic cover of Drake’s “Fake Love,” and his reworking of Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles.”

Since I did a cover of a rap song last time with ‘Black Beatles,’ I wanted to shake things up and do a cover of a pop song this time. I really admire Justin Bieber, he’s one of the most talented humans on earth,” the singer-songwriter explains. “I’ve worked with him and I’ve witnessed what he’s able to do. I’ve worked with a lot of people and sometimes, things are manufactured and hidden behind smoke and mirrors but Justin’s really got it all; he can sing, dance, write, rap, and I’ve seen him play multiple instruments. I wanted to take an R&B song that’s already highly respected by someone like Bieber and elevate it in my own style.”

Check out Eric Bellinger’s rendition of “Let Me Love You” below.