edwards_peter_151004-6Initially influenced by his parent’s love for music and later on learning to play numerous instruments himself, Daniel Peter has been destined for greatness.

Growing up in Ames, Iowa, the Pop-RnBass vocalist did not lose much sleep over the decision to move across the states to pursue his dream and aspirations in Los Angeles, CA.

In 2015, Daniel teamed up with the Los Angeles based indie label “Drastic Measures” to continue growing and developing his skills as a songwriter. Since then, the talented singer has collaborated with artists such like Glasses Malone, AD, and Sean Brown, to name a few.

At just 19-year-old, the triple threat has proven to be a full force by showing off shows off his versatility throughout his music, extraordinary vocals, and cohesive sound.

Lupe Looove had the opportunity to talk with Daniel Peter about his journey, diving into the music industry, his new EP Waves, and much more.

For our readers who don’t know, where are you from?

Daniel Peter: I’m from a small town in Iowa. Ames, Iowa, and I grew up in a farm, where we had animals and to be honest, I didn’t have much opportunity there to be in music. We moved across the states shortly after my father passed away from Cancer, so moving from Iowa to California has played a significant role as a person and my career.

You’re definitely young and talented, so how would you say that growing up in Iowa and Los Angeles influence your music?

Daniel Peter: Right after moving to Los Angeles, I liked up the amazing team that I work with right now and they’ve guided me since then. I’ve grown so much with my sound, voice, and they’ve showed me so many avenues within the industry.

You got your start in the music at an early age, who would you say are some of your biggest influences to your career and as a personal?

Daniel Peter: I’ve been fortunate enough to have amazing people in my life, and some of them are those who have influenced me. I would have to say some of the biggest influencers in my life would be my mother. My mom has been my number one supporter in everything, but also artists like Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Usher, Brandy, and Stevie Wonder who also influence me.

As for my latest project, Waves that was very much influenced by Oakland’s own, Kehlani. Her project, Cloud 9 inspired my EP, and over all, I just enjoy and love her music, team, and I’ve been blessed enough of meet her as well.

You released your EP, Waves earlier this summer with a total of 6 tracks, how has the reaction and feedback been from people and fans been?

Daniel Peter: The feedback from my fans has been incredible. My danomites have been so supportive of it. I recently left Cali to perform out of stage and it just an awesome feeling. Being able to perform, write songs, and do what I love has been incredible.

This was my first album in seven years and one of the main focuses I had was to bring back the old RnB vibes in some sort of way, and I feel we were doing that, while keeping the Pop aspect as well.

I’m not sure if people know but Waves represents my journey as an artist. The ups and downs in the industry and being able to find myself through it all. This EP also comes as a way to connect with fans and being able to relate to the situations that I’ve gone through.

You also have a single out with Compton’s rising star AD on your EP titled “On You?” Tell me how did that collaboration come about?

Daniel Peter: It all happened thanks to my amazing team Drastic Measure. They’ve been able to pull strings here and there and the song itself, boosted so much on SoundCloud with around 14,000 plays its first weeks. It was amazing to witness that and AD himself, he’s such a great dude, so humble, hard working, and great person to work with.

As someone who’s been in the game for quite some time, what are some key lessons you have learned early on?

Daniel Peter: It’s been a wild yet beautiful journey for me to say the least. I lost a lot of people over the year, and I also lost myself along the way. However, I’ve been able to recover from that and bounce back with so much more. Going through that phase not only opened my eyes but also allowed me to grow and see that you can be vulnerable. However, you cannot lose yourself or your craft, and thankfully, my team and those close to me have helped me so much.

Another thing is that you also have to keep going, and not just hope for things to happen. You have to put in work constantly and better your craft, and what you do or else you won’t get anywhere. You have to sacrifice things to overcome others, and that’s major!

What’s next for Daniel Peter? Any more goals for the rest of 2016 or for the upcoming year?

Daniel Peter: I’m working on tons of new things, but I can’t really say yet what they are exactly but know that fans are going to love and vibe with it. I also want my upcoming projects to be much more relateable to a bigger audience and go more in-depth with the trails of life. As for now, people can stay up-to-date on my Instagram, Twitter, and of course SoundCloud for everything music related.