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Stream Sonder’s ‘Into’ EP

Take a moment to listen to this refreshing project from new group Sonder (consisting of vocalist Brent Faiyaz and producers Atu & Dpat) entitled "Into" with 90's vibes mixed with RnBass. Stream below and let us know what you think.

PREMIERE: Stream Florida Songstress Ari Chi’s “Color Fool”

Florida is showing diverse culture in their new RnBass music. "In order to be a ColorFool you have allow yourself to show interest and acknowledge your infatuation. You can't be afraid to fall in love. You must address the waves of self doubt that you're going to face after you decide you're going to swim.…

Stream Che Ecru’s ‘buries’

East Coast singer Che Ecru releases his new RnBass project 'Buries' with Soulection. Buries is an infectious, love-woven project that outlines the push and pull of finding love through pain. His lyrics are smooth, unapologetic, and you can really tell that the versatility of his flow will take him far. Stream the project below and…

Stream Anders ‘669’ EP

Mississauga. Canada artist Anders drops his new RnBass EP '669' with 7 tracks to vibe with. Stream below and let us know what you think!