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Tina Tribeca

ZAIDA Drops New Song ‘WYA’

ZAIDA, an upcoming singer/songwriter from LA recently released a new track titled "WYA" from her upcoming EP pen.paper.poetry. The new single "WYA" is an R&B record with pop undertones and chill vibes. The song follows a female narrator who is seeking her lover. She consistently asks "where you at" and to "hit her back". It's very relatable…

Cocoa Sarai Talks New Music Video ‘9 Lives’

The very talented singer and songwriter Cocoa Sarai recently dropped a music video entitled '9 lives' which discusses the darkness and heartbreak that may come with an abusive relationship. Not only is this music video relatable for those who have been in a terrible situation, but it also shows an artistic view on the situation.…

SZA Talks Upcoming Album ‘CTRL’ With IAMOTHER

SZA's upcoming album 'CTRL' has been anticipated all over social media for months now. Her fans have been waiting patiently in hope for something new from the songstress. She recently did an interview with IAMOTHER discussing what to expect from her new music. The interview includes SZA, Pharell, and Scott Vener. Check it out below:…

NAO Drops New Music Video For Hit Song ‘In The Morning’

NAO, a phenomenal electronic R&B singer, has recently dropped a music video discussing the loss that one may feel when they fall out of love. The music video, which shows two lovers hurt and possibly heart broken, is filled with emotional pain and fluorescent purple lighting. Check it out below:  

Coline Creuzot Releases New Single ‘High Life’

Houston has a rising star by the name of Coline Creuzot. Not only is she talented and skillful with melodies, she also has a soothing voice that can keep you lifted and upbeat. Check out her new single 'High Life' below, which is all about loyalty and having fun with your partner through turnt up…