Most people from New York have been to Dyckman. They’ve seen the buildings and the hispanic people that roam the streets, but they may not know of the culture. Amanda Caballero, formerly known as 2WAYZ, is an upcoming artist reppin’ Dyckman to the fullest. However, she isn’t just an artist. Most would say she has successfully mastered the art of both singing and rapping and making it her own. When asked about how she managed to successfully build her craft and grow, she stated “I’ve been really focusing on expanding my sound. I use to just think of how lyrical I could be. Now every song I make I want to be album material whether that be lyrically or melodically. I just want the listener to be open to new vibes and a perspective.” Although, most would say she has successfully done so, especially with the success of her latest EP ‘MONA LISA’ which is a collective of tasteful lyrics and gloomy yet obscure sounds, which can be heard when you listen to the track list below:


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However, after listening to a successful collective, you may wonder how Dyckman has affected 2WAYZ as an artist. When being asked about her whereabouts and her roots uptown, she stated “I’m from Dyckman, Uptown NY. It’s the blood that runs through my music. My dad is from PR and my mom is Irish Italian but I grew up in a predominantly Dominican neighborhood. I have melting pot of slang and influences in my music on top of the typically gritty Slang that comes from being a New Yorker.” She also specifically stated “In any hood you have to survive” which is very true for the Uptown Neighborhoods in NYC. They aren’t just bodegas and kids on the street. There is struggle and the need for survival.


This leads us to wonder how she thought of creating music and being apart of the music scene. Yes, being apart of Dyckman may be an inspiration but what could possibly inspire innovative song writing? Also, how did she write hit songs ‘HDIGH’ or ‘RAIN’?


‘HDIGH’ is an obvious statement to her success and the clear question being How Did I Get Here? 




And, the song ‘RAIN’ which consists of a TLC – ”No Scrubs’ sample that every listener can easily pick up and relate to:



When asked about the creative process of both records, 2WAYZ stated “I wrote “HDIGH” back in early 2015. I was working out of a small studio “Visionlanty” in BK that my friends and I had helped put together. While writing I was thinking about how far we had all come. From me meeting my engineer Myles in college to then taking music very serious and actually working in a studio. I envisioned where I wanted to be. I always knew this is what I would be doing. Long story short we’ve moved to a way bigger studio and things are starting to take off. I’m always asking myself “How did I get here?”. For Rain I was driving with Myles to the studio when “No Scrubs” came on the radio. I was just so surprised no one had really took that influence and built off of that. Rubi Rosa had sent the beat a couple days prior. When I got to the studio I was like “this is it”. It felt good when we finished it. It just felt like a hit.”


And, I’d have to agree. As I sit in my apartment and type this, I envision a bright future for the artist behind this innovative sound. Not only is it catchy but it is extremely relatable and inter perspective. We look forward for the future sounds of 2WAYZ and anything she may have in store for the music industry. I’d imagine she’d stay just as humble as she is now.