At just 17-years-old Ebhoni has made quite a name for herself. With a string of buzzing releases on her Soundcloud, the Toronto native discovered her singing talent at a young age, which then quickly became a routine for Ebhoni to entertain friends and family.

At the age of ten, Ebhoni uploaded her very first cover, of Keyshia Cole’s “Love.” She continued to grow her YouTube channel organically from there, tackling various artists for different song covers, and ultimately getting upwards of 100,000 plays per video. By the time Ebhoni was 11-years-old, she was focused on writing her own music as well. She did not take this lightly, as she invested in studio time around the city of Toronto, releasing her first original record at the age of 12.

Within the last few years she’s begun writing her own lyrics and finding her own production, she’s been able to cultivate a unique sound, and although the peak of her talent and career has yet to come, Ebhoni’s ensured she’s on the right path.

We recently caught up with the rising talent where she talked about her music, inspirations, and much more. Get to know more about Ebhoni in our latest RnBass Interview and be sure to keep an eye out for the triple-treath in the years to come. – Lupe Looove

You’re from Toronto, Canada, how do you think that’s affected your music?

Ebhoni: I think there’s two ways to look at it. Some of today’s biggest artists are from Toronto and Canada, so they’ve definitely helped Toronto build its name. And in my case, being from Toronto, it’s been a huge honor but at the same time there’s a lot of competition. So I guess you can say there’s good and bad.

Who would you say has been some of the biggest influences to your music career?

Ebhoni: I have to say Beyonce. Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve watched all her videos. I love what she stands for and she how she influences me music wise. I’ve learned from her as an artist and as a performer as well. She’s truly amazing, she gives her all in what she does and that inspires me to give 100 percent and more with everything that I do.

You just dropped your single “Forgive Me” and you’re wrapping up your upcoming EP. Talk to us about the meaning behind “Forgive Me,” and what can fans expect on the EP?

Ebhoni: “Forgive Me” is about someone who messed up in a relationship and now that there are no longer in that relationship, they are willing to do everything to get a second chance and be 100 percent committed.
“Forgive Me” isn’t just your regular song and the reason I say that is because it’s a pretty sad song yet the production is very upbeat.

For my upcoming EP, I would say people would love it to be quite honest. I feel like both, male and female will relate to it. It’s a mixture of several genres from Rock, R&B, and Pop.

When creating music, what’s the process for Ebhoni? Do you need to be in a certain mindset, etc?

Ebhoni: I would say usually the production puts me in a certain mindset, it’s my mood or what’s happening in a particular moment. As for the process, I would say it’s very quick. It’s all about the beat. Sometimes I can hear a beat in the moment and it I don’t like it, I go back and listen to it another day and be in love with it and make it my own.

In most occasions, how I feel will indicate what I’m going to write about so I’ll write down what comes to mind and play with the melodies. Once I get the melodies down, I’ll perform in my house until I get the lyrics and sound right. Then I’ll go in to the studio and I’ll do my harmonies and harmonies are favorite part of the music process.

For those who may not know, you’re only 16 years old but you carry yourself with a sense of maturity, focus and determination. How do you stay away from the negative side and focus on the positive?

Ebhoni: I believe in the saying: “People will always have something to say even when it’s good or bad,” and that’s something that keeps me away from the negativism. I’ve also learned that from Beyonce. Just a few weeks back, I was reading an article about her and I was seeing all the bad thing people were saying about her and that shows that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, people will always have something negative to say.

This may sound really cliché but at the end of the day you can either take the negativity and turn it into something positive, or you can take that negativity and let it ruin your life, and I choose to go the positive route.

What’s next for Ebhoni? Any New Year resolutions/plans for 2017?

Ebhoni: Yes. In 2016, my goal was to grow a fan base and I did that when I uploaded my first single “How Does It Feel” on Soundcloud. Now, for 2017, my goal and plans are to expand and continue growing. Not only just as a Soundcloud artist but as a world wide artist as well. I want people to see me do things I’ve never done before and get to know Ebhoni as an artist and a human being.